07 julho 2010

Como estragar a foto alheia?

Assim ó:

 - Watcha lookin' at?

 - later tonight he'll pour his "champaign" on her "p
 - You ladies come here often?

 -  Ah yes, my sister the golddigger strikes again!

ViiiiXiii! Tem muito mais... É só clicar no link abaixo

 - I smell drugs!  HANDS ON THE WALL and SPREAD 'EM!


 - My mind exploded from the awesome that this pictur 
 - pregnant man approves.

 - Are we having fun yet MUM???... HELL NO BABY, BUT,

 - My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

 - Now that's what i call HORNY!!!!!!!

 - They were right! It does sound like a cat being ra

 - Young doctor house

 - ласкаво просимо москалів у Карпати
welcome to the

 - In the hole!!!

 - guy in back = win

 - PEEK-A-BOO!!!

 - Mike, why does phone sex with you always end up wi 

 - Its a boy!

 - The dude with the top hat wins.

 - For the WIN!

 - ...So, I told that guy to take his pants off, whip

Essa seleção de imagens como ja perceberam eu tirei do site http://spoiledphotos.com/
vale a pena passar por lá !


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